Intuition Wellness Center values a comprehensive treatment plan that may include both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for children, adolescents, and young adults. Intuition Wellness Center’s psychiatric provider is collaborative in her approach and will work with you and your other providers to create an approach that is truly tailored.


Intuition Wellness Center’s psychiatric provider seeks to gain a full understanding of each patient during the initial evaluation. Psychiatric evaluations involve a clinical interview followed by tailored recommendations that may include individual or family therapy, behavioral support, parent guidance, or pharmacological interventions. If you have information from outside sources, including information from prior providers, psychological testing, teachers, grade reports, testing reports, or information about medical history, it would be beneficial to have this information submitted to the provider prior to the visit or to bring to the initial evaluation. Intuition Wellness Center offers psychiatric patients a superbill that they are able to submit to their insurance companies.

$350 Psychiatry Intake (60-90 Min)


Medications are just one part of a treatment plan. Thus, follow up visits may or may not include medication management or psychotherapy.  This will be determined by the treatment plan outlined you and your provider.

$275 Follow Up Session (approximately 55-60 Min)

$220 Follow Up Session (approximately 40-45 Min)

$165 Follow up Session (approximately 25-30 Min)

$90 per 15 minute phone consultation (per 15 minute per phone consultation that is not an emergency. Emergencies include things like medication reactions or serious medical concerns related to pharmacological interventions. What will be considered an emergency is up to provider discretion)

$165 per 30 minute spent on written reports or attending meeting on client behalf

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