Therapeutic Art & Yoga Groups Overview

Intuition Wellness offers an array of Therapeutic Art & Yoga groups for children, adolescents, and adults. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word that mean “to join.”  Yoga, then is considered a method to unite the body, mind, and spirit. Intuition Wellness Therapeutic Art & Yoga groups are not just an extracurricular activity but are  designed to address specific mental health challenges.

Therapeutic Art & Yoga groups include between 6-10 group sessions depending on the mental health challenge that is the focus of each group.

Therapeutic Art & Yoga is offered as an approach to individual counseling. This may be done in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches or as a stand alone approach that weaves the healing benefits of yoga with traditional counseling.

Therapeutic Difference

What sets Intuition Wellness Therapeutic Art & Yoga groups apart from traditional yoga classes or even yoga therapy? These groups are designed to support recovery from specific mental health and behavioral challenges and are lead by a clinical social worker who is also trained as a yoga therapist. Mental health challenges may include PTSD, anxiety disorders, attentional difficulties, or depression.  Intuition Wellness Therapeutic Art & Yoga groups include the ancient healing tradition of yoga, as well as a therapeutic group process. After a comprehensive clinical assessment, a treatment plan identifying a specific set of goals is developed in conjunction with each participant. Groups may also include art activities designed to support the individual to explore their thoughts and emotions through imagery. Each group connects the mind with the body and is designed to support both the physiological and psychological components of specific mental health challenges.

Therapeutic Art & Yoga groups work to assist with the following:

  • Sleep Difficulties
  • Affect Regulation
  • Depressive Symptoms
  • Interpersonal Challenges
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Anger Management Difficulties
  • Fight or Flight Response
  • Overall physical health and well being
Therapeutic Art & Yoga groups include:
  • Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • Body Awareness
  • Yogic Lifestyle
  • Yoga Asana or postures
  • Breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • Meditation
  • Therapeutic Art Activities
  • Group Process
  • Relaxation
How to Register

These groups are offered several times per year. Please visit our events page to see when the group is being offered next and call us at 520-333-3320 to register.

$80 per 90 minute group session

$150 per 60 minute individual session

Download the Therapeutic Art & Yoga Flyer

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