Brandy Baker Psy.D.Brandy Baker, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director

I have worked with all ages and many cultures in lots of settings and capacities, but my focus has always been with children and adolescents. The care that I offer is evidence-informed, which means that I use techniques rooted in science focused on helping children reach their potential. I focus on the strengths of my clients rather than deficits, which works to improve engagement and allows children to see themselves in a new light. I am an expert at helping kids and teens open up. In addition to talk therapy, I integrate art, play, writing, music, stories and other creative interventions individually designed for each child. To maximize the impact on my client’s wellbeing, I offer ongoing support to their parents and often work with their teachers, doctors, and others on their “team.”

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Areas of Specialty
  • Youth ages 3-24
  • Parent guidance
  • Youth considered “resistant” or too shy for talk therapy
  • Youth presenting with:
    • self esteem issues
    • identity development difficulties
    • giftedness/high intelligence
    • academic underachievement
    • social skills difficulties
    • behavioral problems

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