Grai Bluez, M.A.
Psychology Extern

Early in my career in mental health, I had the pleasure of working with adults from different cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. It became apparent that many still struggled with adversity they experienced as children. It was from these interactions that I became passionate about work with children. Currently, I am a school psychology Ph.D. student at the University of Arizona. I have worked within school districts, helping students struggling with learning and behavioral problems and provided counseling to children experiencing emotional difficulties. I value a holistic approach that takes into account the developmental needs of my clients as well as the and complex systems of families, schools, and communities. I know that talking with a new adult can be intimidating and that is why play, art, and movement are important aspects of my work with children. I use these mediums to help clients feel at ease and to create a safe environment to explore feelings, thoughts, and experiences. It is my practice to use evidence based interventions, supported by research, with the ultimate goal of fostering healing and happiness for clients and their families.

Areas of Special Interest
  • Youth, ages 6-21, and their families
  • Collaboration with schools and families
  • Youth and families experiencing:
    • Behavioral difficulties
    • Anxiety
    • Trauma
    • Learning Problems
Intuition Wellness Center
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