Intuition Wellness Center is a small team of counseling professionals in a private group practice on the Northwest side of Tucson on the intersection of Roller Coaster Road and Oracle. Our clinical team currently includes psychologists and social workers who work together to best serve our clients. Our mission is simple: Inspire youth, adults, and families to live in joy and health.

We believe every person deserves access to high quality services. For this reason, we take many steps to help establish the accessibility of services and to ensure that our broader professional community is well-educated, supported and trained on providing evidence-based compassionate care to youth, adults and families. Beyond providing direct clinical services to our clients, we regularly work with other professionals on behalf of our clients, host a multidisciplinary professional list serve, offer educational trainings and consultation, facilitate professional networking events, maintain a highly structured training program for graduate students, sponsor and participate in select community-based activities with shared goals, and seek out and engage in ongoing learning opportunities.

Please note that we anticipate that we will begin offering internship opportunities starting in the Fall of 2017.


Intuition Wellness Center offers a limited number of clinical psychology internship placements to qualified graduate students completing requirements for a doctorate degree in the fields of clinical psychology. Intuition offers a comprehensive and structured psychology internship focused on providing interns with high quality supervision and didactic training, a diverse and challenging client population, opportunities to supervise, as well as experience working within a multidisciplinary team. The primary goal of the internship program is to prepare interns for clinical practice as entry-level professionals who can work competently with children, adolescents, and families. We believe in providing a well-rounded training experience as a means of challenging interns, assisting them in finding their passions and preparing them for professional life and licensure after completion of their training program.


Our client population is diverse both in clinical and in cultural presentation. While the training experience is focused on child, adolescent and family treatment, students may also have the opportunity to work with adult clients and in groups when training at Intuition Wellness Center. Our clients present with an array of difficulties, including adjustment issues, divorce reaction, developmental delays, co-parenting difficulties, depression, grief and loss, anxiety, social skills problems, chronic medical conditions, and academic underachievement. Our clients come from a variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual and gender orientations, religious affiliations and family compositions.


Interns who train at Intuition Wellness Center will benefit from the integrative model of treatment held by our clinical staff. Theoretical orientations of staff range from systemic to dynamic to cognitive-behavioral to humanistic to existential and our staff have diverse personal and professional backgrounds. Training is provided in multiple modalities and each student is encouraged to take full advantage of the range of theories represented at Intuition Wellness Center so as to develop skills in multiple modes of conceptualization and intervention.  

Systems engagement is a key component of the work at Intuition Wellness Center and each clinical staff member has varied methods of incorporating this concept into their work. Our clinicians take a non-traditional perspective on the definition of “family” believing that a client’s family of origin is just one small component of a much broader concept. Interns who train with us will enhance their ability to engage the school system, extended family members, service providers and other caregivers within their clients’ lives so as foster change that goes beyond the therapy office.

We also provide a highly unique service to clients, which includes a team approach to cases. It is not unusual for a family to be served by more than one member of our clinical team. This looks different for each family. At times, this may mean that one team member is invited to observe the child at school and make behavioral intervention recommendations to school staff while another team member offers individual therapy sessions to the child and yet another team member offers couples counseling to the parents. In other cases, it may mean that, after a period of skill-building, a client is discharged by one team member and transferred to another to build upon the skills learned utilizing a different approach. Finally, it may also mean that while a client is receiving direct service from one clinician, this clinician is receiving consultation and guidance regularly from her team members so as to provide truly tailored support to her client.


Each of Intuition Wellness Center’s team members is equally engaged and committed to the training process. While official extern supervision assignments are steady throughout the year, externs will interact regularly with other team members and receive at least a portion of their training from each of Intuition’s team members. Meet our team:

Brandy Baker, PsyD

Dr. Baker is the Clinical Director and Training Director at Intuition. She received her masters and her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She completed her predoctoral internship at Connections-South Campus Therapeutic Day School in Palatine, Illinois and her postdoctoral work through Erie Neighborhood House and the Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Baker has worked in teen residential, social service agencies, schools, not-for-profit institutions, and in other community agencies. Her areas of clinical interest include resilience, child maltreatment, play therapy, creative therapy modalities, self-esteem, shyness, and highly intelligent and gifted children. Dr. Baker primarily conceptualizes from a strength-based and person-centered orientation with an attachment focus. Dr. Baker is also influenced by the positive psychology movement.

Emily Fenton, LCSW

Ms. Fenton is a licensed Child and Family Clinician at Intuition. She received her masters in Social Work from Arizona State University. She has been working with children and families for over seven years within various non-profit organizations,  school settings, and behavioral health agencies. Ms. Fenton utilizes animal-assisted therapy (AAT) with her therapy dog, Luco; expressive arts and play-based interventions. Her areas of clinical expertise include strength-based intervention for children and teens struggling with symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and depression; peer relationships; anger management; self-esteem; grief and loss; and increasing overall healthy relationships. Ms. Fenton primarily conceptualizes from a cognitive-behavioral orientation.

Navneet Lahti, LCSW

Ms. Lahti is a Child and Family Therapist at Intuition. She received her Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin.  Since completing her Masters degree, Ms. Lahti has over 30 years of experience working with children in a variety of public and private settings and in many capacities— clinician, clinical supervisor as well as a program manager. She has worked for public child welfare, with a Native American community, provided school-based counseling, and worked for one of the leading foundations in the country dedicated to improving outcomes for disadvantaged children. Her areas of clinical expertise include parent child relational work, parent guidance, anxiety, depression, grief and loss. Ms. Lahti has trained nationally on topics related to trauma and adoption. Ms. Lahti primarily conceptualizes from mind-body, resiliency and attachment/relational theories. Ms. Lahti is also a yoga instructor who teaches yoga as an adjunct approach to supporting recovery from an array of mental health conditions.

Lindsay E. Lennertz, Psy.D.

Dr. Lennertz, who typically goes by “Dr. Lindsay,” is a child, adolescent, family, and adult therapist at Intuition. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University with a concentration in child, adolescent, and family assessment and intervention. She completed her predoctoral internship at The University of New Mexico School of Medicine Children’s Psychiatric Center. Dr. Lindsay has worked in inpatient hospital, residential treatment, juvenile prison, outpatient, and in-home/at–school settings. Her areas of clinical interest include: developmental and complex trauma, self-harm and suicidality, anxiety, family dysfunction, parenting, and child and adolescent psychological evaluation. Dr. Lindsay primarily conceptualizes from a person-centered, existential, and family systems orientation. She is a certified yoga instructor who is continuing to receive training on how to effectively incorporate therapeutic yoga into psychotherapeutic services, especially for trauma recovery.

Grazi Martins, LCSW
Ms. Martins is a Child and Family Therapist at Intuition. She received her masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of St. Thomas/St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She completed her foundation/core field placement at Harriet Family Alliance and her clinical/advanced field placement at the University of Minnesota Medical Center-Fairview. Ms. Martins has worked in a variety of settings including a medical hospital, psychiatric facility, residential treatment facilities, county social services agency and community-based behavioral health agencies. Her clinical areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, peer relationships, self-esteem, grief and loss, self-harm and chronic medical conditions. Ms. Martins primarily conceptualizes from a strength-based and systems theory focus.
Yoendry Torres, PsyD

Dr. Torres is the Administrative Director at Intuition. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a concentration in family systems. He completed his predoctoral internship at Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Behavioral Health Services located in Chicago, Illinois and his postdoctoral work at Mount Sinai Hospital Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Services in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Torres has worked in hospital emergency departments, endocrine specialty clinics, social service agencies, and not-for-profit institutions. His areas of clinical interest include mind-body connection, family therapy, Tae Kwon Do Wellness, mindfulness, and depressive and anxiety disorders. Dr. Torres primarily conceptualizes from a family systems and existential orientation with a solution-focused and motivational approach.


Each intern who trains at Intuition Wellness Center is provided with a minimum of two hours of individual supervision and one hour of group supervision per week. Each intern is also engaged in the 2 hour clinical meetings every Friday where staff and trainees learn from case presentations, case consultations, experiential exercises and didactic instruction. Our team takes pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality services. Each intern who trains at Intuition Wellness Center will have the opportunity to learn about and engage in a variety of evidence-based work from our staff. This includes both traditional and non-traditional approaches to treatment such as art as therapy, yoga therapy, martial arts as therapy, Dialectical and Behavioral Therapy, play therapy, expressive arts therapy, and other forms of therapeutic intervention. Interns will also have the opportunity to learn how to carry out clinical supervision by providing clinical supervision to an extern as part of our internship training program. Periodically, guest presenters are also invited to offer trainings on specialized topics that vary in nature and depend, in part, on need and interest of Intuitions training team.


The internship at Intuition Wellness Center is a full-time (40 hours per week) 11-month program. The training year begins in early August and ends in late June. If an intern is unable to complete the required program hours due to illness or some other unexpected circumstance, he or she may petition for an extension of the training experience beyond the scheduled completion date. The training committee will make decisions regarding extensions of the training year on a case-by-case basis.

  • Attend Friday morning Team Meetings. This is required. Interns must be available from 10:00am-12:00pm on Fridays.
  • Complete appropriate documentation and collateral casework.
  • Attend weekly supervision at a mutually agreed upon time with their assigned supervisor(s).
  • Maintain an average of 25 direct service hours per week (direct service hours include in-office sessions as well as off-site school consultations, professional consultations, etc.). You will need to consult with your graduate program to ensure that this complies with your direct hour requirement.
  • Provide one hour of weekly clinical supervision to one extern for the duration of the internship.
  • Interns may also be asked to assist in additional projects such as community-engagement that supports Intuition’s goal of making services widely accessible and/or professional learning events hosted and/or co-sponsored by Intuition that support Intuition’s goal of offering exceptional services.  
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Interest in working with children, teens and families
  • Desire to learn how to conduct clinical supervision
  • Self-motivated and takes initiative
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • A commitment to learning and clinical excellence
  • Willingness to explore a range of approaches
  • Interest in learning to navigate client systems
  • Demonstrates leadership potential

Contact our Clinical Training Director, Brandy Baker, Psy.D. at 520-333-3320.

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