Intuition Wellness Center provides business consultation workshops designed to help healthcare providers craft a vision, implement their plan, and cultivate a work culture of wellness needed to thrive in private practice. These workshops are facilitated by Dr. Yoendry Torres. To be successful, you will need competence in four areas. Which do you need help with?

  1. Starting Up: Launch you practice successfully.
  2. Strategic Planning: Grow your practice with intention.
  3. Marketing: Promote your practice ethically and effectively.
  4. Leadership: Inspire a team to create a practice larger than what one can accomplish.

To learn more about the four topics needed to thrive in private practice, checkout Dr. Torres’ blog.

Business Consultation Workshops Overview

Business consultation are provided at three levels of focus. Level 1 is an 8 hour intensive business consultation workshop offered a couple times per year followed level 2 90 minute monthly follow up sessions to sustain momentum, accountability, and growth. Level 3 are one-on-one business coaching offered throughout the year. Overall, our consultation services come with lots of great perks and help ambitious practitioners like you level up your business.

Level 1: Intensive Business Consultation Workshop

This eight hour interactive workshop will review the necessary basics to start a thriving private practice. Some of the topics discussed in detail include:

  • writing an effective business plan.
  • choosing the right practice model for your practice vision.
  • incorporating your practice.
  • crafting your business name.
  • conducting market research to identify practice opportunities.
  • setting your fee and decide if you want to take insurance clients.
  • marketing your practice to get the clients you want.
Level 2: Monthly Business Consultation Follow up Workshops

These are four 90 minute monthly follow up sessions that review, expand on, and provide group coaching on the topics discussed during the intensive workshop. Consider this a booster shot to help keep your business in great health. Membership is limited to a small number of professionals to ensure each group is tailored to the needs of its members.

Level 3: One-on-One Business Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are great for providers who want to focused attention on their practice alone and are seeking help with a specific business challenges such as filling your practice, moving past breaking even, improving community awareness, strategic planning, hiring employees, search engine optimization  (SEO), etc. Download Consultation Agreement.

Business Consultation Includes:
  • Dedicated time for business development.
  • Guidance and feedback on your strategic or business plans.
  • Peer-to-peer support from other colleagues at different stages of practice development.
  • Coaching on ethical business practices.
  • Tips to level up your business marketing.
  • Learn to create a practice brand that is cohesive and communicates professional excellence.
  • Free sample practice documents.
  • Discounts on:
    • Intuition’s Continuing Education Events (minimum 4 annually)
    • 50 Percent Discount For one-on-one Clinical Consultation
How to Register:

Business consultation group now forming with our Administrative Director, Dr. Yoendry Torres.

Level 1: $225 for 8 hour Business Consultation Intensive Workshop.

Level 2: $175 for Four 90-Minute group Consultation Sessions.

Level 3: $150 per 60-Minute One-On-One Business Coaching. Download Consultation Agreement.

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