Navigating adolescence can be difficult, but there are teachable skills that can greatly help. Skills to Thrive is an activity-based (art, writing) social skills group for teenage girls, ages 14 to 18, who want to improve their relationships, connections and communication style as well as better manage their emotions and increase their sense of self confidence.

The focus for Skills to Thrive is:
  • Awareness of body, mind and surroundings
  • Staying in the present moment (not letting what has occurred or what might occur interfere with what is going on now)
  • Understanding what you are feeling
  • Using your thoughts to change your feelings
  • Accepting situations as they are and not how you want them to be.
How to Register

This group is offered several times per year. Please visit our events page to see when the group is being offered next or call us at 520-333-3320 to register today.

$80 per 90 minute group session plus $150 for intake.

Sessions may be billable to insurance.

Download Skills to Thrive Teen Girls Therapy Group Flyer.

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