Navneet Lahti, LCSW

Wellness Director, Child & Family Therapist

I have many years of experience working with children, adults and families. I also have many years of experience as a parent. My approach to working with both children and adults is to first help them to feel safe and supported. I feel that the most important gift a counselor can give is to truly listen and to understand the uniqueness of each child, adult and family. I use an array of evidence based clinical approaches. I also use art and yoga to help both children and adults to manage stress and to feel comfortable and relaxed. My goal is to assist my clients to find their unique strengths and to build on those strengths so that they will experience more joy and ease in their lives.

To learn more about Navneet Lahti, LCSW, please visit her Psychology Today profile. 

Areas of Specialty

  • Youth and adults, ages 5-30
  • Youth and adults experiencing:
    • Trauma
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Grief and loss
    • Chronic health conditions
    • Stress & transitions
  • Adoptive and blended families
  • Therapeutic yoga & art