More Than Just Pediatric Clinical Services

Intuition Wellness Center offers a variety of therapeutic and wellness services to children, adolescents, and young adults. Below are brief descriptions of our counseling, psychiatry, evaluation, and animal assisted therapy services.


Therapists at Intuition Wellness Center offer therapeutic services to children and adolescents starting at age 3 and up in a safe, private setting. Our therapists provide individual, group, and family sessions that are tailored to suit your child’s specific needs. The length and treatment approach depends on particular needs so treatment may be short or long-term in nature and may involve play, art, movement, or talking. Regardless of the length of treatment we decide together with the guardians and youth, our work is intended to have a long-term impact not only on the child but also on the family. Our interventions have been proven effective by researchers and clinicians. Learn More →


Intuition Wellness offers several types of evaluation services for children, adolescents and young adults ranging from an annual wellness screening to diagnostic evaluations and ADHD assessments. We also offer parent-child relationship assessments as well as school success consultations. Learn More →


Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy that incorporates animals into treatment with the goal of improving our clients’ social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. Animal-assisted therapy services help to promote a sense of safety, while encouraging communication. Benefits include increasing self-esteem; socialization; feelings identification; improving fine motor skills, learning focus and attention tools; learning awareness and boundaries for self and others; and reducing stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Learn More →

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Integrated Pediatric Health & Wellness

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