Pediatric Counseling

All families deserve to experience hope, acceptance, and joy. Intuition Wellness Center’s team members integrate a wide range of approaches to supporting your child and family in striving toward their potential.



Children often use play and not words as a means of communicating. Play therapy encourages children, and sometimes adolescents, to tell their stories through playing with toys, art materials, and other objects provided in the therapy office. Play therapy is a supportive intervention that fosters resilience, confidence, supportive relationships, and healthy development. At times, and with the permission of the child, caregivers may also be invited into these sessions.



Individual talk therapy is a process that often explores many areas of one’s life such as family history, relationships, career, and academics through conversation with a mental health professional. Individual therapy can often be helpful in assisting individuals in achieving their personal, professional/academic, and relationship goals. Individual talk therapy sessions are usually 1 hour per week and tend to be most beneficial for adolescents and young adults.



Parent coaching is sometimes all that is needed to help improve challenging parenting situations. Parent coaching can include either sessions with caregivers to discuss solutions to parenting challenges and/or sessions that include both child and caregivers in which the clinician offers in vivo guidance. Parent coaching sessions are typically 1-1.5 hours in length and can be tailored to benefit individuals of all ages.



Broadly defined, family therapy is an active process in which a mental health professional aims to help families resolve problems by improving their interactions, communication and parenting skills. Intuition Wellness Center offers traditional family therapy and family activity therapy. Our traditional family therapy model focuses on discovering problematic patterns and working to create solutions through directive family coaching. Our family activity therapy model incorporates therapeutic activities as a means of promoting family cohesiveness and improving relationships among family members. Family therapy sessions are typically 1-1.5 hours in length and can be tailored to benefit individuals of all ages.



This evaluation is specifically designed for children who are not yet achieving their potential at school due to emotional or behavioral issues. This evaluation may be appropriate if a child is regularly demonstrating disruptive, withdrawn, or other problematic behaviors at school. A clinician from Intuition Wellness Center can provide a school observation, interview parents and teachers, behavioral checklists completed by parents and teachers, write a thorough report that includes detailed recommendations and deliver one-time or ongoing consultation to school personnel.


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