Intuition comes from the latin word 'Intueri' meaning to look within.






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Our Values

Our Commitment

Intuition Wellness Center is an independent organization redefining pediatric wellbeing with it’s collaborative whole person approach. The multidisciplinary team at Intuition Wellness welcomes children, young adults and families from diverse backgrounds. Your path to wellness is unique and driven by both your inner wisdom and the support of your community. With that in mind. Intuition Wellness Center makes three commitments:

1. Give children, young adults and families access to effective and holistic care.

2. Create a culture of learning that inspires others to find their path to wellness and advances the field of pediatric health.

3.Empower the community to break through barriers of shame and loneliness and embrace a model of community care that supersedes self care.”

Our Philosophy

At Intuition Wellness Center we are working to redefine pediatric wellbeing in Southern Arizona. We consider treatment to be a collaborative effort between our clients and team members. We work with the belief that a desire for personal growth is innate in all of us. We will work with you to help you in your pursuit for health and happiness.