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Intuition comes from the latin word 'Intueri,' which means to look within.

Intuition Wellness Center is an independent organization redefining pediatric wellbeing with it’s integrated healthcare services and collaborative whole person approach. The multidisciplinary team at Intuition Wellness welcomes children, young adults and their families from diverse backgrounds. Your path to wellness is unique and driven by both your inner wisdom and the support of your community. 

Our team of experts adores children and while our specialty is in pediatrics, we also believe that “it takes a village.” By offering coordinated care, our “village” of health and wellness professionals supports children and their families in achieving optimal physical and emotional health. In other words, when you come to Intuition Wellness you get the benefit of several specialists collaborating to support your family from multiple angles. Our services include pediatric occupational therapy, naturopathic family medicine, counseling, nature-based programs, group programs and parent support.

About Intuition Wellness

Two clinical psychologists, Dr. Brandy Baker and Dr. Yoendry Torres, co-founded Intuition Wellness Center in Tucson, Arizona in 2013 after each serving in numerous roles dedicated to emotional and physical health. At its founding, both Dr. Baker and Dr. Torres envisioned a welcoming space that empowered their clients to embrace their whole health– body and mind– through a range of services and a collaborative team that supported other developing professionals. Soon after launching Intuition Wellness, Drs. Torres and Baker began to fully grasp just how difficult it was for families to locate pediatric services in Southern Arizona. Having each dedicated most of their prior work to children and families, they made a decision with their developing team to narrow their focus to pediatrics in order to ensure that this critical segment of the community had access to high quality care.  

Today, Intuition Wellness Center’s multidisciplinary team of experts is helping young people, birth to 25, and their families thrive through a collaborative approach that includes occupational therapy, counseling, naturopathic medicine, nature-based programs, group programs and parent support. Consistent with their goal to increase accessibility of pediatric services in Southern Arizona, the team of 14 also supports other professionals pursuing their degrees and licensure in the field of pediatrics. Intuition Wellness is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists and has partnered with the University of Arizona to offer placements to clinical psychology and school psychology PhD candidates. 

Intuition Wellness Center’s team truly believes in the power of community when it comes to parenting. By coordinating care among several disciplines and remaining committed to professional development, Intuition Wellness is at the forefront of an integrated model of healthcare. This model brings together a “village” of professionals to support children and their families. 

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Anti-Discrimination Policy

Intuition Wellness Center appreciates and honors the diversity and uniqueness of all human beings and believes in equitable care by and for all. Team members, clients and clients’ parents/guardians have a right to a respectful experience that is devoid of discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, marital status, religious beliefs, age, ability, appearance as well as any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.