Tailored To Your Individual Needs

Intuition Wellness Center offers a range of treatment approaches to suit you and your family.


Children often use play and not words as a means of communicating. Play therapy will encourage your child to tell their stories through playing with toys, art materials, and other objects provided in the therapy office. Play therapy fosters resilience, confidence, supportive relationships, and healthy development. At times, you may also be invited into these sessions.



Individual talk therapy is a process that can explore many areas of your life such as your family history, relationships, school or career through conversation. Individual therapy can often help you or your child set and achieve personal, academic or professional, and relationship goals. Individual talk therapy sessions are usually 1 hour per week and tend to be reserved for adolescents and young adults.



As a supplement to your child’s individual therapy sessions, parent guidance can support you to brainstorm through particularly challenging situations and to coordinate efforts between you and your child’s provider. Parent guidance may also offer you in vivo support as you interact with your child.



Broadly defined, family therapy is an active process to help you and your family improve your communication. Intuition Wellness Center’s traditional family therapy model focuses on discovering problematic patterns and working to create solutions together. Family therapy sessions can be tailored to benefit individuals of all ages


Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy at Intuition Wellness Center incorporates Luco, a Pet Partners certified therapy dog and gentle giant. With Luco as a co-therapist, your child’s session may focus on self-esteem; socialization; feelings identification; improving fine motor skills, learning focus and attention tools; learning boundaries for self and others; and reducing stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Emily Fenton, LCSW and Pet Partners Certified therapy dog, Luco, work together to provide animal-assisted therapy services to children and adolescents.

Is your child struggling at school?

Check out more info on School Success Consultations.

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