At Intuition Wellness Center, an extern is a 3rd or 4th year doctoral student pursuing their PhD in a psychology-related field. By the time they come to Intuition Wellness, it is typical for externs to have already completed a year or more in direct service to children. Their position at Intuition Wellness is a 10 to 11-month clinical field placement focused on therapy and assessment of children and young adults. 

What are the benefits of working with an extern?

  1. In addition to receiving ongoing consultation from other team members, all externs receive regular supervision by one or two licensed psychologists. This means you actually have several professionals working to support you or your child!
  2. Externs have structured assignments focused on improving their clinical work, so they have focused opportunities to think deeply about how they are serving you and how they can improve their work. 
  3. Extern caseloads are smaller than those of licensed team members. 
  4. Fees for services with an extern are less. 
  5. Research shows that most therapists reach their peak performance during their field placement, so you’re getting great quality service!