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Anne Berkery

Get to Know Anne Berkery, OTR/L

Q: What is occupational therapy all about? A: Most people think occupational therapy is about jobs, recovery, or going back to work. While this is often the case for adults, occupational therapy for kids is completely different. I think this is somewhat misunderstood. The occupation of a child is play, getting along with their peers,

The Child Who Doesn’t Conform

When a child responds with immediate compliance to a parent’s request, it certainly seems to make the day go smoother. If the kids on the playground all run with the pack (and not against it), the social interactions for those children seem to be more at ease, less conflictual. When all of the students in

ASD, Autism Awareness,

ASD Girls: It is only a special part of who you are

As a sister to a person with autism, I feel very fortunate to be able to write this post during the month of April—Autism Awareness Month! Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is classified as a neurodevelopmental disability, meaning symptoms appear during early developmental periods (18 months- 6 years). The most common characteristics of autism include social