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Naturopathic family medicine, pediatric occupational therapy, nature programs and counseling for kids, teens and young adults.

Introducing Nature Programs

We've launched an exciting new program called Intuition Trails! Intuition Trails is dedicated to helping kids, teens and parents remember their relationship to nature. Now offering forest therapy walks and nature-based workshops. 🌿
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Intuition Wellness Center is redefining pediatric wellbeing and collaborative care in Southern Arizona. Team members will work together to support you and your family in thriving!

How We Help You & Your Family

Comprehensive Care - Intuition Wellness Center


Get the time you deserve, a thorough assessment and a team that works to understand all facets of your unique child and family.

Naturopathic Physician - Intuition Wellness Center


Feel connected to your child’s provider— someone who recognizes potential and tailors their approach to your specific strengths, concerns and values.

Nature Therapy - Intuition Wellness Center


Experience the benefits, relief and ease when your child’s team is now available to you and all of their family members.

Wellness & Parenting Blog

Boost Your Family’s Immune System!

Eliminating illness altogether isn’t a realistic or helpful goal. However, there are a few habits, supplements and other strategies that you can try right now to boost your family’s immune system! 

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