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Child reading book, laughing

Picture Book Picks for Mental Health

Reading books together is a great way to start to talk to your kids about mental health and wellness. Did you know? There’s a type of therapy, called “bibliotherapy,” which involves a therapist selecting books for a client that are

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Boost Your Family’s Immune System!

Eliminating illness altogether isn’t a realistic or helpful goal. However, there are a few habits, supplements and other strategies that you can try right now to boost your family’s immune system! 

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Child sleeping

Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Children and teens need more sleep than adults, and often don’t get enough of it! Lack of quality sleep can contribute to mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, as well as behavioral concerns. Lack of sleep may also

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Rediscover Yourself Through Writing

Notes from a Therapist’s Desk… The kids are back to school! Perhaps you can breathe a little easier, and maybe even make some time for yourself. Why not pull out that journal you haven’t used yet and express yourself through

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The Power of Pressing “Pause”

Notes from a Therapist’s Desk… Are you or your child feeling down? Unsure of how to start moving in the direction you want to go in? Know that you are not alone. So many people of all ages right now

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Gut Health and Poop: Silly songs to help you go

Everyday we’re learning more about the importance of gut health. We know that it has a connection to our overall health, including mental health. One clue to the health of our guts? Our poo! Talking about poop has never seemed

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