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Questions for a doctor

Kids Ask Dr. Kate Five Questions

It can be a huge stress on families to find a physician they trust to work with their children. And when they do find a good doctor, often there are barriers that still make getting great care difficult. In many

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Nadia Zanger, LMFT

Get to Know Nadia Zanger, LMFT

Q: What was it that made you interested in psychology? A: I was interested in behavioral issues… the way people feel about themselves and the way they relate to other people. I was curious about why people act the way

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Child getting shot/vaccine

Avoiding Pediatric Traumatic Medical Stress

– A Guide for Parents on How to Make Medical Procedures as Stress-Free as Possible – As a parent, it is almost inevitable that your child will have to face a daunting, anxiety-provoking medical procedure at some point, be it

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