Parent Guide to Kids Counseling

This parent guide is specific for children and adolescents going to therapy at Intuition Wellness Center. This guide is written in language you can use to talk about therapy with your children or even read it with them.

Sometimes kids come to therapy when problems come up and hang around, like uninvited guests, taking up space in their lives and brains. Problems that some kids face are things like too much worry that makes it hard to get things done, anger that makes messes at school or in relationships, or big changes in life that can be hard to understand. Sometimes, there is more than one problem hanging around and that can be a lot for kids to deal with on their own.

Here at Intuition Wellness, we have special people called therapists who work with kids and families. Our therapists will help teach you ways to manage these uninvited guests. We have lots of different kinds of therapists, and even a therapy dog.

Now that you know why some kids go to therapy, you might have other questions. Let’s look below and see what you can expect when you come to therapy at Intuition Wellness!

Where will I go?
  • Intuition Wellness Center is in a big tan building. We have a few neighbors and even have  a dance studio nearby so you may see other kids dressed in dance costumes!
  • Once you come inside, you will see we have some toys and books in our waiting room. You can play with these until your therapist comes to meet you and shows you the rest of Intuition Wellness. You might meet other kids who are also waiting for their therapist. Depending on what time of day you come, you might get to meet Gina who works at the desk in our waiting room. Gina is very friendly and she’ll help you and your parents get checked in.
  • Past the waiting room, we have many other rooms.  Your therapist will show you to their own special room with comfy chairs and a couch. Your therapist’s room will also have toys, games, books, and activities that you will get to explore.
  • Take a look at what our space actually looks like by taking a virtual tour of our center.
What will I do?
  • There are a lot of different things you may want to do with your therapist. At first, you may just want to explore their room and get to know them. Therapists at Intuition Wellness know lots of different games and activities.
  • At your first few visits, your therapist may ask a lot of questions. This is because they want to get to know you so they can best figure out how to help your family. You are welcome to ask questions of your therapist as well.
  • Your first visit might include more than just talking. You and your therapist can come up with some ideas together like playing a game, making art, or reading a book together.
  • Your therapist will also be working with you and your parents to help deal with some of those pesky problems that are hanging around. Sometimes kids and parents like to talk to the therapist about the problem and come up with ideas together for working through it. Other times kids like to come to the therapy room and know they have a place where they can just be themselves and work out only what they need to at that moment.
How often will I come to therapy?
  • You will talk with your parents and your therapist about when you will come to therapy. Many kids start by coming in for an hour every week or two, especially if they are just getting to know their therapist.
  • Usually kids keep coming to therapy until it is clear that they know how to work with their uninvited emotions. This is something that you, your parents and your therapist will keep talking about over time.