Virtual Meditation Break for Busy Moms

Meditation Break for Busy Moms
Are you finding it difficult to take time for yourself during the quarantine? Do you feel overwhelmed juggling both work and childcare? Drop in during the lunch hour for this quick 15-minute somatic meditation virtual session especially for moms. In this session, we will get out of our heads, notice our breath and body sensations, and cultivate a sense of calm. Meditation experience is not necessary. For this meditation, we will lie down on the floor or another flat, firm surface. You may wish to use a yoga mat or blank
et to cushion your spine.
***This event is FREE!***
Please register your name and provide your email. We’ll email you a Zoom link two days in advance of the session.
meditation break
About the Facilitator: Debby Urken, LMSW-Temporary, is a child & family therapist at Intuition Wellness Center. Her diverse training in neuroscience, systems-level thinking, cognitive behavioral therapy modalities, somatic movement, and the expressive arts (including art, dance, and writing) allows her to support individuals’ growth in many different ways.
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Every Parent Needs This Right Now: Meditation Roundup

Hi. How are you? Like… really? Are you struggling as much as most parents right now? Look. I know you’re worried about your kid(s). I’ll give you some ideas for them, too. I’m pretty concerned about you right now though. The expectations on you are confusing and more than they should be. You know, your kids can’t be fully well if you aren’t. You need support, Mamas and Papas. And kindness and joy and quiet and presence. 

I don’t have anything very profound to say. Just know that we’re thinking about you and we’re here for you. And while I have your attention, maybe a meditation or two for you and the kids would be nice… 

8 Little Meditations for Parents and their Kids

  1. Get started with 10 Easy Steps for Mindfulness Meditation 
  2. Have just a few minutes? 8 Simple Breathing Strategies 
  3. Release Anger. Meditation with Your Feet 
  4. Sleepy time with deep breathing and visual imagery. Sleep Meditation for Kids & Parents
  5. Easy Relaxation for Kids using visual imagery and progressive muscle relaxation 
  6. Loving Kindness Meditation using compassion for self and others
  7. When you just need to Breathe, Mama
  8. And finally, register now for a FREE 15-min Virtual Meditation Break for Busy Moms on July 21

Busy Moms Meditation Break

At Intuition Wellness Center, we specialize in health and wellness services for children, young adults, and their families. If you think you would like some extra support, we’re here for you. Call 520-333-3320 or request an appointment.


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