Fatherhood Boot Camp

Fatherhood Boot Camp Overview

This program is modeled after our Fatherhood support group that is specifically designed for dads of all ages who want to become better fathers. Fatherhood Boot Camp is a 4-hour weekend educational and support group geared towards busy fathers. We’ll discuss different topics related to fatherhood with the goal of taking practical ideas home that will improve your relationship with your children and to brainstorm through parenting challenges.

It is important to note that, in this group, the majority of support is obtained from other fathers who share their knowledge and experiences. Education is provided by the group facilitator on topics such as child and adolescent development, parenting, and communication.

Fatherhood Boot Camp Discussion Topics
  • Manhood and Fatherhood Defined.
  • Roles of Father & Grandfathers.
  • Discipline – Do’s & Don’ts.
  • Communication – Active Listening.
  • Having Fun with your Kids.
How to Register

This group is offered several times per year. Please visit our Eventbrite Page to register for wellness classes.

$99 for 4-hour Fatherhood Boot Camp.