Intuition Wellness Center Proudly Introduces Navneet Lahti

Do you know the old saying, “Good things come to those who wait?” That may be true, but we here at Intuition Wellness Center tend to take a proactive approach and go for what we want. That’s why we were so surprised and beyond delighted when what we wanted came after us!

We could not be any happier that, Navneet Lahti, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in children, teens, parent guidance, and adult therapy has joined our team. Ms. Lahti is an exceptionally gifted and experienced therapist, administrator, supervisor and yoga instructor. She utilizes creative techniques such as art and yoga to providing a safe and nurturing environment for her clients. Ms. Lahti’s approach is rooted in evidence and focused on drawing on her clients’ strengths as a means of bringing joy to their lives again.

Ms. Lahti is currently accepting new clients of all ages. For more information on Ms. Lahti, visit her profile on our website. Call us today to schedule an initial appointment with Ms. Lahti.

Welcome, Ms. Lahti!

–Dr. Yoendry Torres, Dr. Brandy Baker, and Ms. Grazi Martins