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Welcome New Team Members!

Have you heard? We recently expanded our team with not one, but THREE new team members. We could not be more ecstatic to introduce you to:

Gina Babunovic – Gina is our new Administrative Assistant and customer care extraordinaire. Gina joined our team in January to help us better serve our growing client base. Gina is a jack of all trades on our team. She works to ensure each potential new client receives a proper introduction; welcomes children and families to our office; keeps our waiting area feeling cozy and safe; helps solve insurance puzzles; and so much more. Gina is a whiz with words and keeps us all laughing.

Emily Fenton – Emily joins us as a Child and Family Clinician and all-around kid expert. Emily began integrating into our team in early March; she will begin offering counseling appointments for children and their families beginning in mid-April. Emily brings extensive experience to Intuition Wellness Center, having worked with children as young as five years old. She is super organized, full of kindness, and a real pro when it comes to offering parenting support, group therapy, and animal-assisted therapy, among other services.

Luco – Luco is a Labrador Retriever and our team’s first-ever therapy dog! Luco knows how to reach and help children and partners up with Emily to offer animal-assisted therapy. Luco is a big guy with soft eyes, is extremely patient and just plain sweet. We call him a gentle giant.

If you haven’t met Gina, Emily or Luco yet and would like to, let us know!

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Intuition Wellness Center Proudly Introduces Navneet Lahti

Do you know the old saying, “Good things come to those who wait?” That may be true, but we here at Intuition Wellness Center tend to take a proactive approach and go for what we want. That’s why we were so surprised and beyond delighted when what we wanted came after us!

We could not be any happier that, Navneet Lahti, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in children, teens, parent guidance, and adult therapy has joined our team. Ms. Lahti is an exceptionally gifted and experienced therapist, administrator, supervisor and yoga instructor. She utilizes creative techniques such as art and yoga to providing a safe and nurturing environment for her clients. Ms. Lahti’s approach is rooted in evidence and focused on drawing on her clients’ strengths as a means of bringing joy to their lives again.

Ms. Lahti is currently accepting new clients of all ages. For more information on Ms. Lahti, visit her profile on our website. Call us today to schedule an initial appointment with Ms. Lahti.

Welcome, Ms. Lahti!

–Dr. Yoendry Torres, Dr. Brandy Baker, and Ms. Grazi Martins

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