Welcome New Team Members!

Have you heard? We recently expanded our team with not one, but THREE new team members. We could not be more ecstatic to introduce you to:

Gina Babunovic – Gina is our new Administrative Assistant and customer care extraordinaire. Gina joined our team in January to help us better serve our growing client base. Gina is a jack of all trades on our team. She works to ensure each potential new client receives a proper introduction; welcomes children and families to our office; keeps our waiting area feeling cozy and safe; helps solve insurance puzzles; and so much more. Gina is a whiz with words and keeps us all laughing.

Emily Fenton – Emily joins us as a Child and Family Clinician and all-around kid expert. Emily began integrating into our team in early March; she will begin offering counseling appointments for children and their families beginning in mid-April. Emily brings extensive experience to Intuition Wellness Center, having worked with children as young as five years old. She is super organized, full of kindness, and a real pro when it comes to offering parenting support, group therapy, and animal-assisted therapy, among other services.

Luco – Luco is a Labrador Retriever and our team’s first-ever therapy dog! Luco knows how to reach and help children and partners up with Emily to offer animal-assisted therapy. Luco is a big guy with soft eyes, is extremely patient and just plain sweet. We call him a gentle giant.

If you haven’t met Gina, Emily or Luco yet and would like to, let us know!

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