House Calls: Old Fashioned Medicine Makes a Come Back

Dr. Kate Sage, pediatric naturopath, offers house calls for newborn medicine.

When families have a new baby it sure can be hard to get out of the house. Dr. Kate Sage, Naturopathic Family Physician, started house calls in response to the pandemic. And then she found that house calls had other perks. Visiting her patients’ homes, was something she could offer that reduced at least a little bit of the stress on families with a new baby. That’s when Dr. Kate Sage decided that this good old fashioned approach to treating her littlest patients should make a come back.

Many people are shocked to hear that this form of medical care still exists in this day and age. While they have become rare due to systemic limitations, house calls are a safe and convenient way for people to receive their medical care. In this video, Dr. Kate Sage explains what it looks like to have a medical appointment for your new baby in your home!

Having trouble viewing? Watch Dr. Kate talk about her visits to newborns and babies on Youtube.

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