The Intuition Wellness Team

Meet Intuition Wellness Center's team of psychologists, clinical social workers, pediatric occupational therapists, graduate-level trainees and support staff devoted to redefining pediatric wellbeing in Southern Arizona.

About team


At Intuition Wellness Center we are working to redefine pediatric wellbeing in Southern Arizona. We consider treatment to be a collaborative effort between our clients and team members. We work with the belief that a desire for personal growth is innate in all of us. We will work with you to help you in your pursuit for health and happiness.


Kids Ages 0-6 2%
Children Ages 7-12 34%
Teens Ages 13-17 39%
Adults Ages 18+ 25%
Intuition Wellness Center Redefining Pediatric Healthcare


Our vision is to be the leading provider of integrated pediatric health and wellness services that inspire children, young adults and families to live in health and joy.

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