Sick of Being Sick: 6 Family-Friendly Natural Remedies

Natural remedies for children and families

When I was a kid, flat soda and Vick’s seemed to be my family’s go-to treatments for nearly all forms of illness. Now that I’m a grown up and making a lot of the medical decisions for my family I’ve learned to appreciate a few other tricks. Yet, this flu season has been a force to be reckoned with and, in my opinion, it’s demanded a diverse toolkit of remedies. Since meeting Dr. Kate Sage, our team’s Naturopathic Family Physician, I’ve learned a few recipes that seem likely to become new favorites for flu and other illness. These are definitely worth sharing! Here’s 6 great natural remedies when you’re sick of your family being sick.

6 Family-Friendly Natural Remedies

Elderberry Syrup

Research suggests that elderberries can shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms. They are high in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Elderberries can be found (or made) in many preparations such as gummies, lozenges, capsules, and liquids. One of Dr. Sage’s favorite forms is elderberry syrup, which can also be purchased in many big-box stores, specialty health stores or directly from Intuition Wellness Center. You can also make your own!Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Onion Earmuffs
Onions can be surprisingly helpful! Onions have antibacterial oils that can fight infection. Using Dr. Sage’s steps for onion earmuffs can help soothe ear pain and also promote drainage when you or your child are battling an ear infection. Just follow these easy steps!
  1. Cut an onion in half and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes until you can smell the onion cooking.
  2. Cover the hot onion with a thin cloth and place the cut side next to the affected ear(s), not against.
  3. Move the onion closer to the ear as the onion cools and, once on the ear, leave for at least 10 minutes.

Cold-Busting Soup

Feel a cold coming on? There’s a soup for that! Dr. Sage’s cold-busting soup is high in vitamin C and beta carotene, is warming, and is generally nutritive to help anyone get over colds or flu. Plus, it’s tasty! Dr. Sage warns “if you’re a breastfeeding mama, be sure to take it easy on the garlic and onions as the sulfur components can pass through breastmilk and can occasionally cause tummy troubles for itsy-bitsies.”Cold-Busting Soup

Lemon Cough Syrup

This cough syrup has great components many of us may already have at home. Honey helps soothe the throat, lemon cuts through congestion and the onion fights infection, soothes the throat, and makes the coughs do a disappearing act.Lemon Cough Syrup

Apple & Clove Tea

Cloves are sometimes referred to as a natural antibiotic. With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, cloves may be effective as a supportive treatment for many forms of illness. Pair whole cloves with apple juice and you’ve got a yummy natural remedy that even your picky eater will enjoy! Simply simmer 10 whole cloves and 4 cups of fresh organic apple juice in a pot for 15 minutes. Serve your child half a cup 3 times daily.


Tea for sore throat
Magic Warming Socks

Magic warming socks work shockingly well for congestion. Though called “warming,” you actually cool the feet to experience a warming effect. Cooling the feet will cause the vessels to constrict and all the good nutrients there will be shunted away toward your vital organs to help stimulate healing. As the feet heat back up, the blood vessels dilate again causing a pumping system that carries infection-fighting white blood cells for an active immune system and improved circulation. Also good for: ear infections, sinusitis, headaches, migraines, sore throats, and congestion or other inflammation around the head and neck.

cool the feet to fight illness


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